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...and when it comes to your heart, you can’t afford to have dubious or downright false information. Now there’s a source of help that you can trust… with all your heart. Keeping up with the news that affects the health of your heart is even better when the facts come directly from the more than 8,000 doctors and researchers at Harvard Medical School.

Heart Health Information

The most trustworthy source of heart health information is the Harvard Heart Letter, and it can make a positive difference in your life – and help you prevent illness, as well as anticipate and deal confidently with those health challenges that can arise.

The Harvard Heart Letter puts you in closer touch with everything that’s happening right now in the new age of medicine:

Clarify the sound bytes you’ve heard with concrete heart health information in the Harvard Heart Letter.

Did you know…

…About the new blood pressure medicines that can save your heart and improve your sex life

…About the simple test to determine if aspirin therapy is right for you

…About the amazing new “cork screw” that stops strokes

…About the blood pressure drugs that may fight cancer

…About your eyes and what they can tell you about your heart

And with every issue the focus is on how these advances can help you live a longer and healthier life.


The doctors at Harvard Medical School will give you straight answers, put the risks and benefits in perspective, and help you make informed decisions that can impact your health and longevity.


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